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By legitimate law mantra invoke emotions filled and medicinal and other products

Definition of a healthy person described in Ayurveda-the Smdoshः Smagnisc Mlkriyaः Smdhatu. Prasnnatmendriymnaः Itybhidhiyte Swsthः. (Fault of the person (vata, kapha and pitta) are similar, even fire, the seven metals are also problems, and feces are also problems, all activities of the body are similar.


Ayurveda is the definition of a healthy person

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Religion vision
Sawan said the day of Shivaratri worship are pleased that the naive and gets rid of all sufferings. If the day should be anointed Shiva with full rituals will then consider all the issues at the momen...

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The concept of culture
The culture of life is the method. The food we eat, the clothes you wear, who speak the language and the worship of God, they are all part of the culture. In simple terms, we can say that culture is a...

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Indian Rebellion of 1857, the Indian Mutiny, the Sepoy Mutiny and Indian uprising known by the name of an armed rebellion against British rule had. The revolt lasted two years in different regions of ...

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